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Israel hopes to find a U.S. industrial partner this year for its Arrow-2 ballistic missile defense program so it can boost production for the interceptor, says Arieh Herzog, the director of Israels missile defense organization. Israel Aircraft Industries, the prime contractor for Arrow, builds the interceptor and has been meeting with U.S. industry officials in recent weeks to establish a suitable teaming arrangement.

The goal is not only to build more interceptors, Herzog said, but also to try to take advantage of modern manufacturing techniques to reduce their production cost.

Arrow became operational with the Israeli air force earlier this year, but only with a limited capability. Eventually, Israel plans to field three Arrow batteries, each with multiple missile launchers.

Next year, Israel, with U.S. assistance, also plans to start an Arrow Improvement Program to keep the program effective as it faces increasingly sophisticated theater ballistic missiles.

Robert Wall, AVIATIONNOW, 01.06.2000