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14 2000








Raytheon Systems Limited announced that the UK's Royal Navy has given approval for a trial fit of the SEA RAM Inner-Layer Defence System (ILDS) on board a Type 42 Destroyer. SEA RAM is the low cost evolution of the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) into an autonomous Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Inner Layer Defence System. This first-ever SEA RAM trial will be undertaken in 2001 on HMS YORK.

Six companies from Europe and the United States, including Raytheon, RAM-System GmbH (RAMSYS), Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd., Hunting Engineering Ltd., and Pilkington Optronics have formed a transatlantic consortium to pursue the next step in the evolution of ship defence for the Royal Navy (RN).

Raytheon Systems Limited will serve as the prime contractor. The consortium will draw upon the various strengths of the member companies to establish a strong industrial base in Europe for the SEA RAM programme.

SEA RAM is a low-risk evolution of Phalanx from close-in to inner-layer defence.

It capitalises on existing hardware and ship installations and retains the autonomous nature of Phalanx whilst combining these features with proven RAM missiles to engage multiple targets at greater ranges. In essence, the Phalanx gun is replaced by a RAM launching guide (container), holding up to 11 missiles, which can then either be fired singly or salvo-sequenced in any operationally suited number.

Defence Systems Daily, 14.09.2000