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22 2000








The newest version of the Phalanx weapon system, the Block 1B, has been delivered aboard the USS Taylor. Arriving at the Mayport Naval Base in July, Taylor's Block 1B is expected to be fully operational by the end of September.

"This is a tremendous addition to not only our on-board defence capabilities, but to the Navy's inventory," said Lieutenant Colin Chinn, ordinance officer on the Taylor. "We've seen the Block 1B in action during the test phase and are excited about being the ship to receive the newest version of Phalanx."

"The Phalanx Block 1B can do it all," said Chinn. "It will detect, prioritise, track and kill incoming threats whether they are wave-top missiles, steeply diving rounds, aircraft or patrol boats coming out from the coast. It's literally the latest in technology and we're proud to have it on the Taylor"

Phalanx is the world's most widely deployed close-in weapon system in service with the US Navy and 20 international navies. Phalanx is a rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar and gun system that automatically acquires, tracks and destroys enemy threats that have penetrated all other ship defence systems. The Block 1B is the latest in the line of evolutionary enhancements to this proven system.

Crew will now attend a two-week training sessions on the Block 1B improvements. They will learn about the new electrically controlled, pneumatically driven optimised gun barrels as well the integrated forward looking infrared system (FLIR). The Phalanx FLIR provides a unique capability to search, track and engage coastal warfare threats, while simultaneously providing significant improvement in the anti-ship missile engagement ranges.

Defence Systems Daily, 22.09.2000